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Linking alcohol- and drug-dependent adults to primary medical care: a randomized controlled trial of a multi-disciplinary health intervention in a detoxification unit.
AIM Pragmatic approaches to integration of medical care and substance abuse treatment are desired. We assessed the effectiveness of a novel multi-disciplinary clinic for linking patients in aExpand
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Specialized Inpatient Psychiatry Units for Children with Autism and Developmental Disorders: A United States Survey
A cross sectional survey was performed to obtain the characteristics of specialized inpatient psychiatry units exclusively serving children with autism and other developmental disorders in the UnitedExpand
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Cardiac-derived neutrophil chemotactic factors: detection in coronary sinus effluents of patients undergoing myocardial revascularization.
Recent studies from our laboratory have demonstrated the release of neutrophil chemotactic factors from isolated rabbit hearts perfused with cardioplegic solutions and from ischemic dog hearts afterExpand
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Case series: ultrasound-guided supraclavicular block using a curvilinear probe in 104 day-case hand surgery patients
PurposeTo report our experiences regarding the implementation of a combined ultrasound and nerve stimulation guidance technique for supraclavicular blockade in day-case hand surgery patients at ourExpand
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Preventing AIDS: knowledge, attitudes, and practices.
1. Because health care providers are the key professionals in advising patients about prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS, the degree to which spread can be prevented is at least partially aExpand
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Utilization of pets in a hospice program.
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Elder abuse awareness project.
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Training and development conferences for members of research ethics committees assessing clinical pharmacology studies.
  • K. Doyle, R. Tiner
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  • British journal of clinical pharmacology
  • 1 October 1998
The inaugural training conference for Research Ethics Committees dealing with Phase I volunteer studies took place in November 1996; the second conference in 1997, and looks set to become a popularExpand
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Rectus femoris hyperreflexia predicts knee flexion angle in Stiff-Knee gait after stroke
Stiff-knee gait (SKG) after stroke is often accompanied by decreased knee flexion angle during the swing phase. The decreased knee flexion has been hypothesized to originate from excessive quadricepsExpand
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Bible Manuscripts: 1400 Years of Scribes and Scripture
Before the invention of the printing press the import of the Christian Bible as a material book was inestimable. Revered by the faithful, labored over by scribes and artists, studied by scholars, andExpand
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