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Building a distributed robot garden
This paper describes the architecture and implementation of a distributed autonomous gardening system and present experimental results for navigation, object recognition and manipulation. Expand
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Modeling Off-Nominal Behavior in SysML
Fault Management is an essential part of the system engineering process that is limited in its effectiveness by the ad hoc nature of the applied approaches and methods. Expand
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Indoor robot gardening: design and implementation
This paper describes the architecture and implementation of a distributed autonomous gardening system with applications in urban/indoor precision agriculture with multi-robot teams. Expand
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11.2.3 Piloting Model Based Engineering Techniques for Spacecraft Concepts in Early Formulation
The JPL Integrated Model-Centric Engineering (IMCE) project is tasked with bringing Model Based Engineering methods, tools and practices into use by systems engineers. Taking a Europa-focusedExpand
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A Model-based Approach to Engineering Behavior of Complex Aerospace Systems
This paper describes our approach to modeling spacecraft behavior including 1) requirements and design flowdown from system-level to subsystem-level, 2) patterns for behavior decomposition, 3) allocation of behaviors to physical elements in the system, and 4) pattern for capturing V&V activities associated with behavioral requirements. Expand
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NASA Integrated Network Monitor and Control Software Architecture
The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Space Communications and Navigation office (SCaN) has commissioned a series of trade studies to define a new architecture intended toExpand
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Ontology and modeling patterns for state-based behavior representation
This paper provides an approach to capture state-based behavior of elements, that is, the specification of their state evolution in time, and the interactions amongst them. Elements can be componentsExpand
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1.3.3 Conceptual Model for Space Mission Systems Design
The paper describes the application of Systems Modeling Language (SysML) to the design of a JPL mission using the Object Oriented System Engineering Method (OOSEM). Expand
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A Tool for Model-Based Generation of Scenario-driven Electric Power Load Profiles
Power consumption during all phases of spacecraft flight is of great interest to the aerospace community. As a result, significant analysis effort is exerted to understand the rates of electricalExpand
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Ag (ro)2bot :Automated Intelligent Farm Care for Greenhouse
In the modern world, people are adopting to new technologies to improve their lifestyles. Human Computer Interaction is a popular topic nowadays. Ag(ro)2bot is a farm care system for green houseExpand