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Video games and aggressive thoughts, feelings, and behavior in the laboratory and in life.
The results from both studies are consistent with the General Affective Aggression Model, which predicts that exposure to violent video games will increase aggressive behavior in both the short term (e.g., laboratory aggression) and the long term ( e.g, delinquency). Expand
Video Game Characters and the Socialization of Gender Roles: Young People’s Perceptions Mirror Sexist Media Depictions
Video game characters are icons in youth popular culture, but research on their role in gender socialization is rare. A content analysis of images of video game characters from top-selling AmericanExpand
The popularity of video games, especially violent video games, has reached phenomenal proportions. The theoretical line of reasoning that hypothesizes a causal relationship between violent video-gameExpand
Video games and aggressive thoughts, feelings, and behavior in the laboratory and in life.
Two studies examined violent video game effects on aggression-related variables. Study 1 found that real-life violent video game play was positively related to aggressive behavior and delinquency.Expand
Effects of exposure to sex-stereotyped video game characters on tolerance of sexual harassment
Abstract The violent video game literature has previously not extended to the domain of violence against women. The current investigation tested the effects of exposure to sex-typed video gameExpand
Impact of Stressors on Front-Line Child Welfare Supervisors
Abstract The death of children, intense media scrutiny, and million dollar lawsuits are all potential stressors faced by child welfare professionals. Despite this, very little research or literatureExpand
Violence, Sex, Race, and Age in Popular Video Games: A Content Analysis.
After dinner in a suburban American home, a 13-year-old boy plays a video game alone in his bedroom. On the screen, the boy's hero, Duke Nukem, approaches a strip club where, before entering, he gunsExpand
Playing With Prejudice: The Prevalence and Consequences of Racial Stereotypes in Video Games
A content analysis of top-selling video game magazines (Study 1) and of 149 video game covers (Study 2) demonstrated the commonality of overt racial stereotyping. Both studies revealed that minorityExpand
Evaluations of Ingroup and Outgroup Members: The Role of Category-Based Expectancy Violation
Examines the role of category-based expectancy violation in explaining extreme evaluations of ingroup and outgroup members. In three experiments, descriptions about ingroup and outgroup targets wereExpand
How Fantasy Becomes Reality: Seeing Through Media Influence
1. Fantasy and Reality: A Primer on Media and Social Construction 2. Challenges and Opportunities of Growing Up in a Media-Saturated World 3. Media Violence: Scholarship versus Salesmanship 4. MediaExpand