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Effects of N source on proton excretion, ionic balance and growth ofAlnus glutinosa (L.) Gaertner: comparison of N2 fixation with single and mixed sources of NO3 and NH4
SummaryNon-nodulatedalnus glutinosa plants were grown for 6 weeks in nutrient solutions using 3 combined-N treatments (NO3; NO3/NH4; and NH4) at a total N level of 4 meq.l−1, and growth was ccmparedExpand
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The magnetism of songs
One striking feature of the student demonstrations in Indonesia in the months before and after President Soeharto's fall from power was the choice of patriotic symbols.1 No protest rally seemedExpand
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Financing sustainable forest management Forestry Policy
and Adrian Whiteman of the Forest Policy Service of FAO, together with Herman Savenije and Kees van Dijk . It summarises the experiences and lessons learned from two projects in Latin America. TheseExpand
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The Netherlands Indies and the Great War, 1914-1918
  • K. Dijk
  • Political Science
  • 1 March 2008
Kees van Dijk examines how the atmosphere of optimism in the Netherlands Indies at the beginning of World War I changed to one of unrest and dissatisfaction in 1917, and how after World War I theExpand
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Islam in Indonesia: Contrasting Images and Interpretations
Islam in Indonesia - 2[-]Contents - 6[-]Introduction - 8[-]1 Comparing different streams of Islam Wrestling with words and definitions - 16[-]2 Defining Indonesian Islam An examination of theExpand
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Financing Sustainable Small-Scale Forestry: Lessons from Developing National Forest Financing Strategies in Latin America
Abstract: The problems that hamper the financing of sustainable forest management (SFM) are manifold and complex. However, forestry is also facing unprecedented opportunities. The multiple functionsExpand
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The Syntactic Function of the Auxiliaries of Time
In Chomsky's Minimalist Program for Linguistic Theory (MPLT), movement is constrained by a locality theory on chain-links.1 Briefly stated, it is assumed that a constituent y may cross any positionExpand
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Chapter XV: The dangers of war and shipping
In the first months of the war Dutch people were very reluctant to use the British mail. They did not want their letters and parcels checked by a British censor. The economic warfare and the war atExpand