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Psychological Characteristics and Their Development in Olympic Champions
This study was designed to examine psychological characteristics and their development in Olympic champions. Ten U.S. Olympic champions (winners of 32 Olympic medals) were interviewed, as were one ofExpand
Factors Influencing Olympic Performance: Interviews with Atlanta and Negano US Olympians
To gain a better understanding of factors perceived to have positively and/or negatively influenced Olympic athlete performance and to examine differences in performance factors cited by athletes whoExpand
More Similar than Different: The Psychological Environment of Paralympic Sport
As the opportunities for sport participation have increased for individuals with disabilities so has the level of competition. Athletes with disabilities now routinely compete at the national andExpand
Use of relaxation skills in differentially skilled athletes
Abstract Objectives To examine the use of relaxation skills by differentially skilled athletes in relation to the deliberate practice framework. Design Differentially skilled athletes completed aExpand
Ultramarathon Runners’ Perceptions of Mental Toughness: A Qualitative Inquiry
Ultramarathon running entails coping with unanticipated environmental circumstances and intense physical and psychological fatigue; a sport in which the role of mental toughness can be crucial. ThisExpand
A Critical Review of American Academic Coaching Education Programs
Among the physical activity, exercise and health related academic disciplines, coaching education remains an under-developed field. Once closely aligned with physical education, coaching educationExpand
Navigating the leadership labyrinth: barriers and supports of a woman collegiate coach in a 20-year leadership role
Abstract A multi-level ecological-intersectional model has been proposed as a way of understanding the intersecting social identities that shape women’s experience of power and social injustices inExpand
“Older and Faster”: Exploring Elite Masters Cyclists’ Involvement in Competitive Sport
The purpose of this study was to investigate elite masters cyclists’ involvement in competitive sport. Using a descriptive, qualitative approach, the researchers interviewed ten elite-level mastersExpand
Mental Skills for Young Athletes: A Mental Skills Workbook for Athletes
Mental Skills For Young Athletes A Mental Skills Workbook ... Mon, 10 Jun 2019 21:53:00 GMT Mental Skills For Young Athletes A Mental Skills Workbook For Athletes 12 Years And Under.pdf Mental skillsExpand