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Quantification of fluorophore concentration in tissue-simulating media by fluorescence measurements with a single optical fiber.
Quantifying fluorescent compounds in turbid media such as tissue is made difficult by the effects of multiple scattering and absorption of the excitation and emission light. The approach that we usedExpand
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Noninvasive measurement of fluorophore concentration in turbid media with a simple fluorescence /reflectance ratio technique.
Measurement of the concentration of fluorescent compounds in turbid media is difficult because the absorption and multiple scattering of excitation and emission of light has a large effect on theExpand
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Accuracy of Noninvasive in vivo Measurements of Photosensitizer Uptake Based on a Diffusion Model of Reflectance Spectroscopy
Abstract— This study compares the photosensitizer concentration measured noninvasively in vivo by diffuse reflectance spectroscopy with the results of postmortem tissue solubilization andExpand
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Measurement of fluorophore concentrations and fluorescence quantum yield in tissue-simulating phantoms using three diffusion models of steady-state spatially resolved fluorescence.
Steady-state diffusion theory models of fluorescence in tissue have been investigated for recovering fluorophore concentrations and fluorescence quantum yield. Spatially resolved fluorescence,Expand
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Evaluation of a ferrous benzoic xylenol orange transparent PVA cryogel radiochromic dosimeter.
A stable cryogel dosimeter was prepared using ferrous benzoic xylenol orange (FBX) in a transparent poly-(vinyl alcohol) (PVA) cryogel matrix. Dose response was evaluated for different numbers ofExpand
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Monitoring Photosensitizer Uptake Using Two Photon Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy
Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) provides an opportunity for treatment of various invasive tumors by the use of a cancer targeting photosensitizing agent and light of specific wavelengths. However,Expand
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Quantification of fluorophore concentration in vivo using two simple fluorescence-based measurement techniques.
The effect of photodynamic therapy treatments depends on the concentration of photosensitizer at the treatment site; thus a simple method to quantify concentration is desirable. This study comparesExpand
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Modulation of oxidative phosphorylation (OXPHOS) by radiation‐ induced biophotons
&NA; Radiation‐induced biophotons are an electromagnetic form of bystander signalling. In human cells, biophoton signalling is capable of eliciting effects in non‐irradiated bystander cells. However,Expand
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The use of magnetic field effects on photosensitizer luminescence as a novel probe for optical monitoring of oxygen in photodynamic therapy.
The effect of a magnetic field on the steady-state and time-resolved optical emission of a custom fullerene-linked photosensitizer (PS) in liposome cell phantoms was studied at various oxygenExpand
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