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Physical and mental health effects of intimate partner violence for men and women.
Social support protects against the negative effects of partner violence on mental health.
Ass associations between intimate partner violence (IPV) and mental health outcomes and the protective role of abuse disclosure and support on mental health among abused women are determined.
Attachment formation and transfer in young adults’close friendships and romantic relationships
Two hundred thirty-seven young adults from an American university completed a questionnaire designed to test several normative implications of attachment theory. As predicted, the majority of
Attachment style, gender, and relationship stability: a longitudinal analysis.
Adult attachment styles in 354 heterosexual couples in serious dating relationships were examined and relationships of avoidant men and of anxious women were surprisingly stable over 3 years, particularly in light of the relatively poor ratings of these relationships by both partners at Time 1.
Lovestyles and Attachment Styles Compared: Their Relations to Each Other and to Various Relationship Characteristics
Two studies were conducted to investigate the relative ability of Hendrick & Hendrick's (1986) measure of Lee's (1973) lovestyles and the Hazan & Shaver (1987) measure of attachment styles to predict
Stalking Perpetrators and Psychological Maltreatment of Partners: Anger-Jealousy, Attachment Insecurity, Need for Control, and Break-Up Context
Two studies of the correlates of self-reported courtship persistence, stalking-like behaviors following a relationship break-up, and psychological maltreatment of partners were conducted in samples
Stalking and Psychological Abuse: Common Factors and Relationship-Specific Characteristics
Models of personality and relationship-specific characteristics in the perpetration of stalking and psychological abuse supported, with harsh parental discipline, anxious attachment, and need for control of one’s partner forming a common cluster in the prediction of stalking.