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Living With Our Genes
  • K. Davies
  • Psychology
    Nature Medicine
  • 1 November 1998
Dean Hamer himself has been closely involved with studies on the genetics of well-known psychological traits such as novelty-seeking and harm-avoidance, and thus is well qualified to describe the latest insights and implications of these fascinating studies in Living with the authors' Genes.
The $1,000 Genome: The Revolution in DNA Sequencing and the New Era of Personalized Medicine
Kevin Davies vividly brings to life the extraordinary drama of this grand scientific achievement, revealing the masterful ingenuity that has transformed the process of decoding DNA and delivering the information it possesses to the public at large.
Cracking The Genome
Imprinting makes its mark
Work published over the past month provides insight into the mechanism of genomic imprinting in mice and the possible phenotypic consequences of imprinting in humans.
Peripherin and the vision thing
A surprising variety of phenotypes are associated with mutations in the retinal protein, peripherin, including the possible human equivalent of the murine rds (retinal degeneration slow) strain.
Protection and susceptibility
The association between insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus and HLA is fearsomely complicated. But powerful techniques are being brought to bear on the problem.
The essence of inactivity