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M theory, orientifolds and G - flux
We study the properties of M and F theory compactifications to three and four dimensions with background fluxes. We provide a simple construction of supersymmetric vacua, including some withExpand
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Matrix perturbation theory for M-theory on a PP-wave
In this paper, we study the matrix model proposed by Berenstein, Maldacena, and Nastase to describe M-theory on the maximally supersymmetric pp-wave. We show that the model may be derived directly asExpand
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D3-D7 inflationary model and M theory
A proposal is made for a cosmological D3-D7 model with a constant magnetic flux along the D7 world volume. It describes an $\mathcal{N}=2$ gauge model with Fayet-Iliopoulos terms and the potential ofExpand
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Five easy pieces: The dynamics of quarks in strongly coupled plasmas
Abstract We revisit the analysis of the drag a massive quark experiences and the wake it creates at a temperature T while moving through a plasma using a gravity dual that captures theExpand
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F-theory at Constant Coupling
The subspace of the moduli space of F-theory on K3 over which the coupling remains constant develops new branches at special values of this coupling. These values correspond to fixed points under theExpand
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Orbifolds of M-theory
Abstract We study Z 2 -orbifolds of 11-dimensional M-theory on tori of various dimensions. The most interesting model (besides the known S 1 / Z 2 case) corresponds to T 5 / Z 2 for which we argueExpand
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Brane constructions, fractional branes and anti-deSitter domain walls
Compactifications of type IIB string theory on AdS5X5, where X5 is an Einstein space, can have one-fourth or half maximal supersymmetry for certain choices of X5. Some of these theories admit exoticExpand
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Nonlocal field theories and their gravity duals
The gravity duals of nonlocal field theories in the large-N limit exhibit a novel behavior near the boundary. To explore this, we present and study the duals of dipole theories, a particular class ofExpand
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Noncommutative Dipole Field Theories
Assigning an intrinsic constant dipole moment to any field, we present a new kind of associative star product, the dipole star product, which was first introduced in [hepth0008030]. We develop theExpand
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BPS nature of 3-string junctions
We study BPS-saturated classical solutions for the world-sheet theory of a D-string in the presence of a point charge. These solutions are interpreted as describing planar 3-string junctions, whichExpand
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