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Universal critical dynamics in high resolution neuronal avalanche data.
The tasks of neural computation are remarkably diverse. To function optimally, neuronal networks have been hypothesized to operate near a nonequilibrium critical point. However, experimental evidenceExpand
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Microstructures and properties of high-entropy alloys
Abstract This paper reviews the recent research and development of high-entropy alloys (HEAs). HEAs are loosely defined as solid solution alloys that contain more than five principal elements inExpand
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Crackling noise
Crackling noise arises when a system responds to changing external conditions through discrete, impulsive events spanning a broad range of sizes. A wide variety of physical systems exhibitingExpand
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Self-driven mode switching of earthquake activity on a fault system
Theoretical results based on two different modeling approaches indicate that the seismic response of a fault system to steady tectonic loading can exhibit persisting fluctuations in the form ofExpand
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Simple models for ruptures along a heterogeneous earthquake fault zone are studied, focussing on the interplay between the roles of disorder and dynamical effects. A class of models are found toExpand
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Micromechanical model for deformation in solids with universal predictions for stress-strain curves and slip avalanches.
A basic micromechanical model for deformation of solids with only one tuning parameter (weakening epsilon) is introduced. The model can reproduce observed stress-strain curves, acoustic emissions andExpand
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Statistics of dislocation slip avalanches in nanosized single crystals show tuned critical behavior predicted by a simple mean field model.
We show that slowly sheared metallic nanocrystals deform via discrete strain bursts (slips), whose size distributions follow power laws with stress-dependent cutoffs. We show for the first time thatExpand
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Universal fluctuations and extreme statistics of avalanches near the depinning transition.
We derive exact predictions for universal scaling exponents and scaling functions associated with the statistics of maximum velocities v(m) during avalanches described by the mean-field theory of theExpand
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A simple analytic theory for the statistics of avalanches in sheared granular materials
An analytic model now provides quantitative predictions for the effect of void fractions within a granular medium on avalanche statistics. It will help us understand the dynamics of earthquakes asExpand
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Bulk metallic glasses deform via slip avalanches.
For the first time in metallic glasses, we extract both the exponents and scaling functions that describe the nature, statistics, and dynamics of slip events during slow deformation, according to aExpand
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