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Liver X receptor in cholesterol metabolism.
The liver X receptors (LXRs) are nuclear receptors that are activated by endogenous oxysterols, oxidized derivatives of cholesterol. There are two isoforms of LXR, LXRalpha (NR1H3) and LXRbetaExpand
Estrogen receptor β: an overview and update
The discovery of a second estrogen receptor (ER), designated ERβ (NR3A2), has redefined our knowledge about the mechanisms underlying cellular signaling by estrogens and has broad implications forExpand
Evidence that oestrogen receptor-α plays an important role in the regulation of glucose homeostasis in mice: insulin sensitivity in the liver
Aims/hypothesisWe used oestrogen receptor-α (ERα) knockout (ERKO) and receptor-β (ERβ) knockout (BERKO) mice to investigate the mechanism(s) behind the effects of oestrogens on glucoseExpand
International Union of Pharmacology. LXIV. Estrogen Receptors
Estrogen receptors (ERs[1][1]) are ligand-activated transcription factors that belong to the nuclear hormone receptor superfamily. In the late 1950s, the existence of a receptor molecule that couldExpand
Estrogen receptor (ER)-beta reduces ERalpha-regulated gene transcription, supporting a "ying yang" relationship between ERalpha and ERbeta in mice.
Estrogen is of importance for the regulation of adult bone metabolism. The aim of the present study was to determine the role of estrogen receptor-beta (ERbeta) in vivo on global estrogen-regulatedExpand
Genome-wide profiling of AP-1-regulated transcription provides insights into the invasiveness of triple-negative breast cancer.
Triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) is an aggressive clinical subtype accounting for up to 20% of all breast cancers, but its malignant determinants remain largely undefined. Here, we show that inExpand
The diversity of sex steroid action: regulation of metabolism by estrogen signaling.
The metabolic syndrome is a complex condition characterized by obesity, insulin resistance, decreased high-density lipoproteins, and hypertension associated with high risk of developing type 2Expand
Estrogen receptor alpha and beta in health and disease.
Estrogen receptors alpha (ERα) and beta (ERβ) are transcription factors that are involved in the regulation of many complex physiological processes in humans. Abnormal ER signaling leads toExpand
Mechanisms of antidiabetogenic and body weight-lowering effects of estrogen in high-fat diet-fed mice.
The high-fat diet (HFD)-fed mouse is a model of obesity, impaired glucose tolerance, and insulin resistance. The main objective of this study was to elucidate the molecular mechanisms underlying theExpand
Estrogen receptor beta in breast cancer
Estrogen is essential for growth and development of the mammary glands and has been associated with the promotion and growth of breast cancer and in line with this, most human breast cancers areExpand