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Force and repetition in cycling: possible implications for iliotibial band friction syndrome.
This study examined force and repetition during simulated distance cycling with regard to how they may possibly influence the on-set of the overuse injury at the knee called iliotibial band frictionExpand
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In‐shoe plantar measurements during running on different surfaces: changes in temporal and kinetic parameters
Running is a very popular sport with millions of participants worldwide. As with any physical activity, injuries occur when the musculoskeletal system is overloaded. Running surfaces are often citedExpand
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Evaluation of CIR-Whirlwind Wheelchair and service provision in Afghanistan
Purpose. The Center for International Rehabilitation (CIR) developed a wheelchair provision strategy that combines central fabrication with regional distribution and local service provision byExpand
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A scoping literature review of the provision of orthoses and prostheses in resource-limited environments 2000–2010. Part two: Research and outcomes
Background: Despite the activities of many orthotic and prosthetic provision organizations in resource-limited environments, there is still a great need and there are several areas for improvement,Expand
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A scoping literature review of the provision of orthoses and prostheses in resource-limited environments 2000–2010. Part one: Considerations for success
Study Design: Literature Review Background: We estimate that over 29 million people worldwide in resource-limited environments (RLEs) are in need of orthotic and prosthetic (O&P) devices andExpand
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Assistive Technology Provision Within the Navajo Nation
In this study we explored the factors that affect assistive technology (AT) provision within the Navajo Nation using a qualitative approach to inquiry. Focus groups were held in which AT usersExpand
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Characterization of the mechanical properties of demineralized bone.
Demineralized bone has had limited use as a medical implant, although, recently Jackson et al. (Am J Sports Med 1996;24(4):405-414) examined using demineralized bone as an anterior cruciate ligamentExpand
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CIR Casting System for Making Transtibial Sockets
This paper describes a new casting system for transtibial socket fabrication. Like the earlier CIR Sand Casting System, the CIR Casting System is based on the ‘dilatancy’ principle that is similar toExpand
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Á priori alignment of transtibial prostheses: a comparison and evaluation of three methods
Purpose: The objectives of this study were to compare three á priori alignment methods and evaluate them based on initial gait quality and further alignment changes required to optimize gait. ÁExpand
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Comparison of á priori alignment techniques for transtibial prostheses in the developing world – pilot study
Purpose. The purpose of this study was to evaluate three alignment systems based on two alignment theories that can be utilized in the fabrication of monolimb prostheses that have acceptableExpand
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