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Myopia Associated with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
Theoretically, the increases in myopia could have been caused by lenticular refractive index changes resulting from oxidative damage to lens proteins, however, the biochemical assays used in this project did not predict which subjects were susceptible to increased myopia, nor did they demonstrate elevated levels of free radical activity in a subject who did experience an increase inMyopia. Expand
Tropical Australian Freshwater Fungi. IV.*Halosarpheia aquatica sp. nov.,Garethjonesia lacunosispora gen. & sp. nov.and Ophioceras dolichostomum (Ascomycetes)
Halosarpheia aquatica sp. nov., Garethjonesia lacunosispora gen. & sp. nov, and Ophioceras dolichostomum (Ascomycetes) from wood submerged in freshwater are described and illustrated.
Tropical Australian Freshwater Fungi. III.*Candelosynnema ranunculosporum, a New Genusand Species of Synnematous Hyphomycetes
The taxon is characterised by the production of lightly pigmented, determinate synnemata with a terminal, slimy conidial mass, sympodially proliferating polyblastic conidiogenous cells with rhexolytic conidium secession, and cylindrical phragmoconidia with an apical, tubular appendage. Expand
Didymella aptrootii sp.nov. from bamboo submerged in freshwater.
A new species of Didymella is described based on specimens occurring on bamboo in Hong Kong, Malaysia and the Philippines, collected on bamboo submerged in a lake and rivers. Expand
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