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How monochromatic is church membership? Racial-ethnic diversity in religious community
It is a common conception that the church is among the most segregated of American institutions, yet there is little research to identify the extent of racial-ethnic homogeneity or to explain whatExpand
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Using Facebook to Engage Learners in a Large Introductory Course
Classes of hundreds pose special challenges for teaching and learning. Notable among these challenges is the tendency for students to feel like anonymous spectators rather than active, collaborativeExpand
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Recovering the Lost: Remeasuring U.S. Religious Affiliation
Over the past several decades, survey research has found a growing percentage of Americans claiming no religious affiliation. In this article, we introduce a modified religious traditions (RELTRAD)Expand
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Racially Diverse Congregations: Organizational Identity and the Accommodation of Differences
Racial integration in religious congregations is a topic of keen interest to researchers and religious leaders. Although not common, there are congregations that successfully reach across culturalExpand
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The Effects of Professional Training: The Social and Religious Capital Acquired in Seminaries
Debates over seminary education have been at the heart of some of the most heated denominational battles and schisms, often focusing on doctrines being taught at the seminaries. This research movesExpand
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United by Faith? Race/Ethnicity, Congregational Diversity, and Explanations of Racial Inequality.
This study examines the extent to which the racial composition of a congregation moderates explanations for Black/White inequality among White, Black, and Hispanic congregants. Using nationallyExpand
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Institutional Influences on Growth in Southern Baptist Congregations
Recent trends in church growth research emphasize the influence of institutional factors in generating organizational growth. However, confusion exists over how internal factors relate to growth andExpand
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Race, Diversity, and Membership Duration in Religious Congregations*
It has long been noted that religious congregations tend to be racially homogenous. Previous case studies assert that members of a numerical minority group face individual and organizationalExpand
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A Religious Profile of American Entrepreneurs
The entrepreneur is a celebrated figure in American society. These innovative risk-takers hold an influential place in the economy and in popular culture. Substantial research has gone intoExpand
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