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Overstromingsrisico's in Nederland in een veranderend klimaat: Verwachtingen, schattingen en berekeningen voor het project Nederland Later
Het Milieu- en Natuurplanbureau (MNP) werkt aan een 2e Duurzaamheidsverkenning voor Nederland. In dat kader wordt onder meer nagegaan wat de klimaatverandering betekent – of zou moeten betekenen –Expand
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Resilience and flood risk management: a systems approach applied to lowland rivers
Floods along lowland rivers still cause a lot of damage and casualties although centuries of experience with flood risk management have passed. In order to reduce flood impacts and to prevent floodExpand
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The meaning of system robustness for flood risk management
We present a conceptual framework for analysing system robustness, and we suggest how the robustness of flood risk systems can be quantified. Expand
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Uncertainty in flood damage estimates and its potential effect on investment decisions
Abstract. This paper addresses the large differences that are found between damage estimates of different flood damage models. It explains how implicit assumptions in flood damage functions andExpand
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Resilience and Flood Risk Management
Since flood disasters still occur and even increase in frequency and severity, flood risk management must be reconsidered. This paper describes a new way of looking at flood risk management byExpand
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Resilience indicators for flood risk management systems of lowland rivers
Abstract Resilience strategies for flood risk management focus on minimising flood impacts and enhancing recovery in contrast with resistance strategies which aim at preventing floods entirely. SinceExpand
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Flood management is increasingly discussed as a risk management process, encapsulating as this does, terms such as ‘resilience’, vulnerability’, ‘hazard and ‘uncertainty’. The question is, is there aExpand
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Assessment of the Netherlands’ Flood Risk Management Policy Under Global Change
Climate change and sea level rise urge low-lying countries to draft adaption policies. In this context, we assessed whether, to what extent and when the Netherlands’ current flood risk managementExpand
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An advanced method for flood risk analysis in river deltas, applied to societal flood fatality risk in the Netherlands
Abstract. This paper discusses a new method for flood risk assessment in river deltas. Flood risk analysis of river deltas is complex, because both storm surges and river discharges may causeExpand
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Flood Resilience of Critical Infrastructure: Approach and Method Applied to Fort Lauderdale, Florida
In order to increase the flood resilience of cities (i.e., the ability to cope with flood hazards), it is also crucial to make critical infrastructure functions resilient, since these are essentialExpand
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