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Invasion of terrestrial enchytraeids into two postglacial tundras: North-eastern Greenland and the Arctic Archipelago of Canada (Enchytraeidae, Oligochaeta)
The aim was to study the invasion of terrestrial enchytraeids into the two postglacial tundras, North-eastern Greenland and the Arctic Archipelago of Canada and to conclude that the new taxa described are endemic. Expand
A new genus Globulidrilus and three new enchytraeid species (Oligochaeta: Enchytraeidae) from Seoraksan National Park (Korea)
From the Seoraksan National Park, Korea, a new enchytraeid genus, Globulidrilus gen. nov., is defined and three new species are described and the species name riparia is retained for a variant of common occurrence in Europe. Expand
Christensenia, a new terrestrial enchytraeid genus from Antarctica
The new species, Christensenia gen. nov., is described from Signy Island, South Orkney Islands, maritime Antarctic and has the main characteristics of which are: possession of sigmoid setae, and the presence of large numbers of small, hyaline, stick-like, anucleate lymphocytes. Expand
Placing the forgotten: on the positions of Euenchytraeus and Chamaedrilus in an updated enchytraeid phylogeny (Clitellata : Enchytraeidae)
The phylogeny of Enchytraeidae was re-estimated to establish the relationships of the now resurrected Chamaedrilus and Euenchytraeus and to confirm their status as separate taxa, and it is concluded that Chamaingrillus andEuenchYtraeus are closely related, but theirstatus as separate genera is justified. Expand
New enchytraeid species from Mount Hallasan (Jeju Island, Korea) (Enchytraeidae, Oligochaeta).
For 12 enchytraeid species, DNA sequences are presented for the first time: these include, apart from the new species, further taxa such as species of Xetadrilus, a genus of which no sequences were previously available. Expand
How to deal with cryptic species in Enchytraeidae, with recommendations on taxonomical descriptions
During the 12th International Symposium on Enchytraeidae, held in Tihany, Hungary (27–29 June 2016), the participants discussed cryptic species, i.e., species that are morphologically so similar thatExpand
The enchytraeid fauna of the Drava Floodplain (Bukkhat Forest Reserve, alder swamp and meadows at Kisszentmarton, and Barcs Nature Conservation Area belonging to the Danube–Drava National Park,Expand
Three new enchytraeid species (Enchytraeidae, Annelida) from mountain soils of Korea and ten species new for the country.
Three new enchyTraeid species (Enchytraeidae, Clitellata) are described from different mountains of Korea, confirmed by comparative morphological and molecular taxonomic analyses and Morphological observations and new reference DNA sequences are provided. Expand
Patterns of earthworm, enchytraeid and nematode diversity and community structure in urban soils of different ages
The contrasted community patterns of earthworms, enchytraeids and nematodes in urban soils of different ages and their different ecological roles suggest that they represent potential complementary indicators of soil quality and functioning such as soil formation and organic matter dynamics. Expand
Self-fertilization: An adaptive strategy in widespread enchytraeids
La reproduction par auto-fertilisation n'est mise en oeuvre que dans le cas des deux especes les plus repandues puisque ce phenomene facilite l'etablissement and the croissance rapide des populations dans les espaces nouvellement colonises. Expand