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Following you: Disciplines of listening in social media
This paper develops the concept of listening as a metaphor for paying attention online. Pejorative terms such as ‘lurking’ have failed to capture much detail about the experience of presence online.Expand
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Where are human subjects in Big Data research? The emerging ethics divide
There are growing discontinuities between the research practices of data science and established tools of research ethics regulation. Some of the core commitments of existing research ethicsExpand
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Seeing without knowing: Limitations of the transparency ideal and its application to algorithmic accountability
We propose an alternative typology of algorithmic accountability grounded in constructive engagements with the limitations of transparency ideals. Expand
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Datasheets for Datasets
The machine learning community currently has no standardized process for documenting datasets, which can lead to severe consequences in high-stakes domains. To address this gap, we propose datasheetsExpand
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Big Data and Due Process: Toward a Framework to Redress Predictive Privacy Harms
The rise of “big data” analytics in the private sector poses new challenges for privacy advocates. Unlike previous computational models that exploit personally identifiable information (PII)Expand
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Our metrics, ourselves: A hundred years of self-tracking from the weight scale to the wrist wearable device
We look at the tensions surrounding these devices for questions of agency, practices of the body, and the use of wearable data by courtrooms and data science to enforce particular kinds of social and individual discipline. Expand
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The limits of crisis data: analytical and ethical challenges of using social and mobile data to understand disasters
Social media platforms and mobile phone data are commonly mined to produce accounts of how people are responding in the aftermath of crisis events. Yet social and mobile datasets have limitationsExpand
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Sexting, consent and young people's ethics: Beyond Megan's Story
This article contrasts the Megan's Story campaign, a recent Australian media and policy response to sexting (the act of taking and transmitting naked or semi-naked pictures via mobile phones) withExpand
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Critiquing Big Data: Politics, Ethics, Epistemology
Why now? This is the first question we might ask of the big data phenomenon. Why has it gained such remarkable purchase in a range of industries and across academia, at this point in the 21stExpand
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Can an Algorithm be Agonistic? Ten Scenes from Life in Calculated Publics
This paper explores how political theory may help us map algorithmic logics against different visions of the political. Drawing on Chantal Mouffe’s theories of agonistic pluralism, this paper depictsExpand
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