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The Local and the Global in the New Urban Politics: A Critical View
Recent US literature on urban politics has been characterized by significant convergence. There has been a marked focus on the politics of local economic development, and there has also been an
Locality and Community in the Politics of Local Economic Development
Abstract Concomitant with the contemporary restructuring of local economies in the United States has been a distinctive local politics: one which revolves around a competition among localities rather
Student Assessment in Higher Education: A Handbook for Assessing Performance
Section A The place of assessment in higher education: purposes of higher education functions of assessment cognitive educational objectives, learning outcomes and levels of testing measuring the
Housing Tenure and Neighborhood Activism
  • K. Cox
  • History
  • 1 September 1982
In the literature on neighborhood activism, common hypotheses are that home ownership is a major explanatory variable, and that this is due to a concern for the home as an investment. The first
Globalisation, Competition and the Politics of Local Economic Development
The study of urban politics in the US is now dominated by issues of local economic development. These are situated analytically with respect to a more global space economy. This is the New Urban
Globalization and the politics of local and regional development: the question of convergenc
  • K. Cox
  • Political Science
  • 1 June 2004
Globalization, and the increased exposure to international competition that it has supposedly induced, has led to expectations of institutional convergence in, among other things, local and regional
The Problem of Metropolitan Governance and the Politics of Scale
  • K. Cox
  • Political Science
  • 17 February 2010
Cox K. R. The problem of metropolitan governance and the politics of scale, Regional Studies. In the United States, the problem of urban governance is in part, and in virtue of a characteristic