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A Box H/ACA Small Nucleolar RNA-Like Domain at the Human Telomerase RNA 3′ End
ABSTRACT Simple sequence repeat telomeric DNA is maintained by a specialized reverse transcriptase, telomerase. The integral RNA subunit of telomerase contains a template region that determines theExpand
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Human telomerase activation requires two independent interactions between telomerase RNA and telomerase reverse transcriptase.
Inhibition or activation of the reverse transcriptase telomerase can profoundly affect the proliferative capacity of normal cells and cancers. Here, we elucidate structural requirements for functionExpand
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Holoenzyme proteins required for the physiological assembly and activity of telomerase.
Many proteins have been implicated in the physiological function of telomerase, but specific roles of telomerase-associated proteins other than telomerase reverse transcriptase (TERT) remainExpand
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Starvation-induced Cleavage of the tRNA Anticodon Loop in Tetrahymena thermophila*
  • S. Lee, K. Collins
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Journal of Biological Chemistry
  • 30 December 2005
Amino acid deprivation triggers dramatic physiological responses in all organisms, altering both the synthesis and destruction of RNA and protein. Here we describe, using the ciliate TetrahymenaExpand
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Distinct biogenesis pathways for human telomerase RNA and H/ACA small nucleolar RNAs.
Functional RNAs are processed according to cues from precursor expression context. The presence of an H/ACA motif within the human telomerase RNA (hTR) suggested that telomerase might utilize theExpand
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Biogenesis of telomerase ribonucleoproteins.
Telomerase adds simple-sequence repeats to the ends of linear chromosomes to counteract the loss of end sequence inherent in conventional DNA replication. Catalytic activity for repeat synthesisExpand
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Subnuclear shuttling of human telomerase induced by transformation and DNA damage
The telomerase ribonucleoprotein complex caps chromosome ends by adding telomeric repeats. Here we show that catalytically active human telomerase has a regulated intranuclear localization that isExpand
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Telomerase: an RNP enzyme synthesizes DNA.
Telomerase is a eukaryotic ribonucleoprotein (RNP) whose specialized reverse transcriptase action performs de novo synthesis of one strand of telomeric DNA. The resulting telomerase-mediatedExpand
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RNA-based affinity purification reveals 7SK RNPs with distinct composition and regulation.
Recent studies have uncovered an unanticipated diversity of noncoding RNAs (ncRNAs), although these studies provide limited insight into their biological significance. Numerous general methods forExpand
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Human Y5 RNA specializes a Ro ribonucleoprotein for 5S ribosomal RNA quality control.
Humans express four distinct non-protein-coding Y RNAs (ncRNAs). To investigate Y RNA functional diversification, we exploited an RNA-based affinity purification method to isolate ribonucleoproteinsExpand
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