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Fatal Charades: Roman Executions Staged as Mythological Enactments *
Tertullian, illustrating the sacrilegious nature of pagan religion, records that in an auditorium he saw a person being burned to death in the role of Hercules and another being castrated as Attis;
Launching into History: Aquatic Displays in the Early Empire
Dio devotes almost an entire chapter to the aquatic displays forming part of Titus' one hundred days of spectacles to celebrate the inauguration in A.D. 80 of the Flavian Amphitheatre (which he calls
Tiresias the Judge: Ovid, Metamorphoses 3.322–38
  • K. Coleman
  • History
    The Classical Quarterly
  • 1 December 1990
Incongruity and anachronism characterize Ovid's treatment of the gods and mythological figures in the Metamorphoses; frequently the resulting discrepancy between the superhuman world of mythology and
Missio at Halicarnassus
IN 1846 Viscount Stratford de Redcliffe presented the British Museum with a slab of coarse-grained marble from Halicarnassus that had in turn been presented to him by H. I. M. Abdul Medjid (fig. 1).1
Stones In The Forest: Epigraphic Allusion In The Silvae
In occasional poetry such as the Silvae , which commemorate the triumphs and sorrows of daily life, it would be natural to expect inscriptions to feature prominently; but they do not, perhaps
Bureaucratic Language in the Correspondence between Pliny and Trajan
This article identifies and analyzes bureaucratic features in the language employed by Pliny and Trajan in Epistles 10 as an example of communication between two officials of senior but unequal
UBC Excavations of the Roman Villa at Gerace, Sicily: Results of the 2017 Season
A fourth season of excavation at the late Roman rural estate of Gerace (Enna province, Sicily) took place in 2017. Two areas of kilns were investigated. In one, fragmentary evidence for six kilns w...
The Persona of Catullus' Phaselus
The autobiography of the personified yacht (Catullus 4. 2–24) yields not only a curriculum vitae but also a vivid impression of personality. Catullus' phaselus sounds very human. If the persona can