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A Simple Approximation of Tobin's Q
This paper develops a simple formula for approximating Tobin's q. The formula requires only basic financial and accounting information. Results of a series of regressions comparing our approximate qExpand
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The Impact of Security Analysts' Monitoring and Marketing Functions on the Market Value of Firms
In this study, we examine the impact of security analysts' monitoring and marketing functions on firms' market value. We postulate that security analysts' monitoring of corporate performance helpsExpand
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Corporate Governance and Liquidity
We investigate the empirical relation between corporate governance and stock market liquidity. We find that firms with better corporate governance have narrower spreads, higher market quality index,Expand
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Corporate Governance and Institutional Ownership
In this study we examine the relation between corporate governance and institutional ownership. Our empirical results show that the fraction of a company’s shares that are held by institutionalExpand
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Patterns of Productivity in the Finance Literature: A Study of the Bibliometric Distributions
This study finds a bibliometric regularity in the finance literature that the number of authors publishing n papers is about 1/n(superscript "c") of those publishing one paper. The authors find thatExpand
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Inventory Control and Trade Credit Revisited
This paper presents the discounted cash-flows (DCF) approach for the analysis of the optimal inventory policy in the presence of the trade credit. The DCF approach permits a proper recognition of theExpand
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A Stochastic Model of Superstardom: An Application of the Yule Distribution
This study employs a stochastic model developed by G. Udny Yule and Herbert A. Simon as the probability mechanism underlying the consumer's choice of artistic products and predicts that artisticExpand
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Insider Trading and the Bid-Ask Spread
This study examines the intertemporal and cross-sectional association between the bid-ask spread and insider trading. Empirical results from the cross-sectional regression analysis reveal that marketExpand
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