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Efficacy of rituximab in combination with steroids in refractory chronic lymphocytic leukemia
The optimal salvage treatment for patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) who have failed or relapsed shortly after treatment with purineanalogue based treatment remains undefined. This isExpand
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Should intraoperative cell-salvaged blood be used in patients with suspected or known malignancy?
PurposeIntraoperative cell salvage (ICS) is used as an alternative to allogeneic blood transfusion in an attempt to avoid or minimize the risks associated with allogeneic blood. Intraoperative cellExpand
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Platelet quality measured with dynamic light scattering correlates with transfusion outcome in hematologic malignancies
BACKGROUND: A clinically meaningful test for platelet (PLT) quality could improve the transfusion management of patients. The aim of this pilot study was to determine whether a new measure of PLTExpand
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Past and future approaches to assess the quality of platelets for transfusion.
No automated test exists to routinely measure platelet quality. Currently, the short, 5-day shelf life of platelet concentrates is largely dictated by the risk associated with bacterial contaminationExpand
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Microparticle content of platelet concentrates is predicted by donor microparticles and is altered by production methods and stress.
In circulation, shedding of microparticles from a variety of viable cells can be triggered by pathological activation of inflammatory processes, by activation of coagulation or complement systems, orExpand
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Could Microparticles Be the Universal Quality Indicator for Platelet Viability and Function?
High quality means good fitness for the intended use. Research activity regarding quality measures for platelet transfusions has focused on platelet storage and platelet storage lesion. Thus,Expand
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Guidelines for frozen plasma transfusion
311 ABSTRACT: Guidelines based on a systematic literature review have been developed by the Transfusion Medicine Advisory Group of BC to provide physicians with evidencebased indications forExpand
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Erroneous automated optical platelet counts in 1‐hour post‐transfusion blood samples
Thrombocytopenic patients with acute leukemia may show high post‐transfusion count increments that significantly exceed the number of transfused platelets. This study demonstrates that the automatedExpand
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Guidelines for cryoprecipitate transfusion A new document from the Transfusion Medicine Advisory Group describes appropriate use of cryoprecipitate plasma.
The literature shows there is often inappropriate use of blood products, including cryo - precipitate plasma, because of in - adequate education of physicians. Guidelines for cryoprecipitate trans-Expand
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