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Crystal structure of native O‐acetyl‐serine sulfhydrylase from Entamoeba histolytica and its complex with cysteine: Structural evidence for cysteine binding and lack of interactions with serine
Cysteine plays a major role in the antioxidative defense mechanisms of the human parasite Entameoba histolytica. The major route of cysteine biosynthesis in this parasite is the condensation ofExpand
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Silver(I)-Catalyzed Route to Pyrroles: Synthesis of Halogenated Pseudilins as Allosteric Inhibitors for Myosin ATPase and X-ray Crystal Structures of the Protein–Inhibitor Complexes†
The pentahalogenated 2-arylpyrrole-type alkaloids pentabromopseudilin and pentachloropseudilin represent a new class of isoform-specific allosteric inhibitors of myosin ATPase. Herein, we describe anExpand
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