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Integration by parts: The algorithm to calculate β-functions in 4 loops
Abstract The following statement is proved: the counterterm for an arbitrary 4-loop Feynman diagram in an arbitrary model is calculable within the minimal subtraction scheme in terms of rationalExpand
RunDec: a Mathematica package for running and decoupling of the strong coupling and quark masses
In this paper the formulae are collected which are needed for the computation of the strong coupling constant and quark masses at different energy scales and for different number of active flavors.Expand
New approach to evaluation of multiloop Feynman integrals: The Gegenbauer polynomial x-space technique
Abstract We formulate the Gegenbauer polynomial x -space technique for evaluating dimensionally regularized massless Feynman diagrams. We show that the analytical evaluation of counterterms in theExpand
Weak radiative B-meson decay beyond leading logarithms
Abstract We present our results for three-loop anomalous dimensions necessary in analyzing B→Xsγ decay at the next-to-leading order in QCD. We combine them with other recently calculatedExpand
Five-Loop Running of the QCD Coupling Constant.
We analytically compute the five-loop term in the beta function which governs the running of α_{s}-the quark-gluon coupling constant in QCD. The new term leads to a reduction of the theoryExpand
Decoupling relations to O(a s 3) and their connection to low-energy theorems
Abstract If quantum chromodynamics (QCD) is renormalized by minimal subtraction (MS), at higher orders, the strong coupling constant αs and the quark masses mq exhibit discontinuities at the flavourExpand
Charm and bottom quark masses: An update
Using new four-loop results for the heavy quark vacuum polarization and new data for bottom quark production in electron-positron annihilation, an update on the determination of charm- andExpand
High-Precision Charm-Quark Mass from Current-Current Correlators in Lattice and Continuum QCD
We use lattice QCD simulations, with MILC configurations and HISQ $c$-quark propagators, to make very precise determinations of moments of charm-quark pseudoscalar, vector and axial-vectorExpand
Effective QCD interactions of CP-odd Higgs bosons at three loops
In the virtual presence of a heavy quark t, the interactiions of a CP-odd scalar boson A, with mass MA ⪡ 2Mt, with gluons and light quarks can be described by an effective Lagrangian. We analyticallyExpand
R* operation corrected
Abstract We give a corrected version of the R ∗ -operation introduced by Tkachov and one of the authors of the present paper (K.G.Ch.). Such an operation being a generalization of the R -operationExpand