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Plotting the Prince: Shotoku Cults and the Mapping of Medieval Japanese Buddhism
Plotting the Prince traces the development of conceptual maps of the world created through the telling of stories about Prince Shotoku (573?-622?), an eminent statesman who is credited with foundingExpand
A Reexamination of the Aging of Organ Leather
Based on two papers that appeared almost 30 years ago,1,2 chrome tanning became more commonly used to tan leathers used for pipe organs because accelerated aging tests indicated that chrome tanningExpand
Pieces of princes: Personalized relics in medieval Japan
By late medieval times, it was common to describe Prince Shōtoku as “Japan’s Śākyamuni,” but how was he symbolically elevated to this status? This article considers “personalized relics”—uniqueExpand
Bringing the Sky to Your Classroom
The Birth of a Legend
A Law Enforcement Primer on Vehicle Searches