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Speciation through sensory drive in cichlid fish
Theoretically, divergent selection on sensory systems can cause speciation through sensory drive. However, empirical evidence is rare and incomplete. Here we demonstrate sensory drive speciationExpand
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The genomic substrate for adaptive radiation in African cichlid fish
Cichlid fishes are famous for large, diverse and replicated adaptive radiations in the Great Lakes of East Africa. To understand the molecular mechanisms underlying cichlid phenotypic diversity, weExpand
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A Second-Generation Genetic Linkage Map of Tilapia (Oreochromis spp.) Sequence data from this article have been deposited with the EMBL/GenBank data libraries under accession nos. G68180, G68324 and
We constructed a second-generation linkage map of tilapia from the F2 progeny of an interspecific cross between Oreochromis niloticus and Oreochromis aureus. The map reported here contains 525Expand
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Mix and Match Color Vision: Tuning Spectral Sensitivity by Differential Opsin Gene Expression in Lake Malawi Cichlids
Cichlid fish of the East African Rift Lakes are renowned for their diversity and offer a unique opportunity to study adaptive changes in the visual system in rapidly evolving species flocks. SinceExpand
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Evolution of the cichlid visual palette through ontogenetic subfunctionalization of the opsin gene arrays.
The evolution of cone opsin genes is characterized by a dynamic process of gene birth and death through gene duplication and loss. However, the forces governing the retention and death of opsin genesExpand
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The Eyes Have It: Regulatory and Structural Changes Both Underlie Cichlid Visual Pigment Diversity
Differential gene expression and coding sequence evolution play complementary roles in the adaptive diversification of cichlid sensory systems.
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Cone opsin genes of african cichlid fishes: tuning spectral sensitivity by differential gene expression.
Spectral tuning of visual pigments is typically accomplished through changes in opsin amino acid sequence. Within a given opsin class, changes at a few key sites control wavelength specificity. ToExpand
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Adaptive molecular evolution in the opsin genes of rapidly speciating cichlid species.
Cichlid fish inhabit a diverse range of environments that vary in the spectral content of light available for vision. These differences should result in adaptive selective pressure on the genesExpand
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Rapid isolation of CA microsatellites from the tilapia genome.
We have developed (CA)n microsatellite markers for the cichlid fish, Oreochromis niloticus using a variation of the hybrid capture method. The resulting genomic library was highly enriched inExpand
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Cichlid fish visual systems: mechanisms of spectral tuning.
  • K. Carleton
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  • Integrative zoology
  • 1 March 2009
Hundreds of species of cichlid fishes have evolved in the Great Lakes of Africa. These colorful fishes are known for their ecological diversity. Here, we discuss the diversity of their visualExpand
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