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Code-switching in Bilingual Children
Bilingualism and Bilingual First Language Acquisition.- Early mixing.- The theoretical framework.- Code-switching.- Data.- The analysis of early mixing.- The analysis of code-switching.- Findings andExpand
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Gender in Monolingual and Bilingual First Language Acquisition: Comparing Italian and French
The present paper deals with the acquisition of gender in Italian and French by monolingual and bilingual children. In our study, which is based on the data of five children, we focus on the genderExpand
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Un nase or una nase? What gender marking within switched DPs reveals about the architecture of the bilingual language faculty
Abstract In his model of the architecture of the bilingual mind, MacSwan, 1999 , MacSwan, 2000 proposes to allow all kinds of code-switching as long as the grammars of the two languages involved areExpand
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Rethinking Language Dominance in Bilingual Children
Ever since the analysis of language development in bilingual children, researchers have been confronted with the issue of language dominance. The present study aims at discussing language dominanceExpand
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Codeswitching at the interface of language-specific lexicons and the computational system
Early mixing in young bilingual children is not to be considered as constrained by any grammatical principles. Expand
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Einführung in die Mehrsprachigkeitsforschung
Die Losungen zum Buch sind zum Preis von EUR 5.- auf Anfrage erhaltlich. Fur Bestellungen bitte mail an: info@narr.de In unserer modernen Gesellschaft entsteht immer haufiger die Notwendigkeit, aberExpand
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Zum Spracheneinfluss im bilingualen Erstspracherwerb: Italienisch - Deutsch
Research in bilingual first language acquisition has been guided by two main approaches: either it has been assumed that children who are exposed to two languages from birth are not able to separateExpand
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Evidence against a Third Grammar : Code-switching in Italian-German Bilingual Children
In this paper we will discuss the issue of code-switching by analyzing data from bilingual children. There has been a long debate in the linguistic research field about what is to define asExpand
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