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Twig2Stack: bottom-up processing of generalized-tree-pattern queries over XML documents
Tree pattern matching is one of the most fundamental tasks for XML query processing. Holistic twig query processing techniques [4, 16] have been developed to minimize the intermediate results,Expand
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Query caching and optimization in distributed mediator systems
Query processing and optimization in mediator systems that access distributed non-proprietary sources pose many novel problems. Cost-based query optimization is hard because the mediator does notExpand
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How Does the Data Sampling Strategy Impact the Discovery of Information Diffusion in Social Media?
Platforms such as Twitter have provided researchers with ample opportunities to analytically study social phenomena. There are however, significant computational challenges due to the enormous rateExpand
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The Advanced Video Information System: data structures and query processing
Abstract.We describe how video data can be organized and structured so as to facilitate efficient querying. We develop a formal model for video data and show how spatial data structures, suitablyExpand
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Retrieving and organizing web pages by “information unit”
Since WWW encourages hypertext and hypermedia document authoring (e.g., HTML or XML), Web authors tend to create documents that are composed of multiple pages connected with hyperlinks or frames. AExpand
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Runtime Semantic Query Optimization for Event Stream Processing
Detecting complex patterns in event streams, i.e., complex event processing (CEP), has become increasingly important for modern enterprises to react quickly to critical situations. In many practicalExpand
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Enabling dynamic content caching for database-driven web sites
Web performance is a key differentiation among content providers. Snafus and slowdowns at major web sites demonstrate the difficulty that companies face trying to scale to a large amount of webExpand
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GMP: Distributed Geographic Multicast Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Shibo Wu, K. Candan
  • Computer Science
  • 26th IEEE International Conference on Distributed…
  • 4 July 2006
In this paper, we propose a novel Geographic Multicast routing Protocol (GMP) for wireless sensor networks1. The proposed protocol is fully distributed and stateless. Given a set of the destinations,Expand
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Resource description framework: metadata and its applications
Universality, the property of the Web that makes it the largest data and information source in the world, is also the property behind the lack of a uniform organization scheme that would allow easyExpand
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AFilter: adaptable XML filtering with prefix-caching suffix-clustering
XML message filtering problem involves searching for instances of a given, potentially large, set of patterns in a continuous stream of XML messages. Since the messages arrive continuously, it isExpand
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