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Impact of menopausal status on negative mood and depressive symptoms in a longitudinal sample spanning 20 years
Objective: Studies examining depressive symptoms and negative mood across the postmenopause are lacking, particularly those that examine prevalence in early and late postmenopause. This studyExpand
The Women's Healthy Ageing Project: Fertile ground for investigation of healthy participants ‘at risk’ for dementia
Abstract Alzheimer's disease neuropathology (amyloid, tauopathies) and brain atrophy are present decades prior to manifestation of clinical symptoms. With the failure of treatment trials it isExpand
The trajectory of negative mood and depressive symptoms over two decades.
OBJECTIVE Research aimed at understanding the temporal characteristics of depressive symptoms and negative mood in an older female population is lacking, despite the relationship between the twoExpand
The course of depressive symptoms during the postmenopause: a review
As the Australian population ages, significantly more women are entering the postmenopausal stage of the climacteric, yet research focusing on the prevalence of depressive symptoms in this stage ofExpand
A comparison of Geriatric Depression Scale scores in older Australian and Japanese women
Aims: The aim of this study was to compare the prevalence of depressive symptoms in Australian and Japanese populations of community-dwelling older women using the Geriatric Depression ScaleExpand
Mid-life predictors of late-life depressive symptoms; determining risk factors spanning two decades in the Women’s Heathy Ageing Project
Background Data available from longitudinal studies of adequate duration to explore midlife risk factors for late life higher depressive symptom scores in women is lacking. This study examinesExpand
Investigating the Influence of Stress Hormones on the Partial Migratory Tendencies of the American Goldfinch (Spinus tristis)
Migrants may employ different strategies that best optimize energetic trade-offs/ costs associated with specific metabolic demands in preparation for and during their seasonal movements. One strategyExpand
Mood and Cognition in Aging Women
Cassandra Szoeke, Katherine Campbell and Katherine Burn Department of Medicine Royal Melbourne Hospital, Consultant Neurologist Department of Neuroscience, Melbourne Health, The University ofExpand