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Laboratory Evaluation of the gForce Tracker™, a Head Impact Kinematic Measuring Device for Use in Football Helmets
This study sought to compare a new head impact-monitoring device, which is not limited to specific helmet styles, against reference accelerometer measurements. Laboratory controlled impacts wereExpand
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Quantifying and Comparing the Head Impact Biomechanics of Different Player Positions for Canadian University Football
ii Acknowledgments iii Table of Contents iv List of Tables vii List of Figures viii List of Appendices xi 1 Introduction 1 2 Literature Review 3 2.1 Concussion: What is it and what are its symptoms?Expand
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Biomechanical research on bowed string musicians: a scoping study.
UNLABELLED Performing arts biomechanics is concerned with quantifying the musculoskeletal demands of artistic tasks. The growing body of related research has prompted this scoping study, solelyExpand
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Effect of the mandible on mouthguard measurements of head kinematics.
Wearable sensors are becoming increasingly popular for measuring head motions and detecting head impacts. Many sensors are worn on the skin or in headgear and can suffer from motion artifactsExpand
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Background: Each year, between 1.1 and 1.9 million sports and recreation-related concussions occur annually in US children aged =18 years. Football has a high concussion incidence relative to otherExpand
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Influence of Self-reported Fatigue and Sex on Baseline Concussion Assessment Scores
Background: Baseline concussion assessments are advocated to provide an objective preinjury point of comparison for determining the extent of postconcussion neurological deficits and to assist withExpand
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Head Impact Locations in U.S. High School Boys' and Girls' Soccer Concussions, 2012/13-2015/16.
This study describes concussions and concussion-related outcomes sustained by high school soccer players by head impact location, sex, and injury mechanism. Data were obtained for the 2012/13-2015/16Expand
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Single-Legged Hop and Single-Legged Squat Balance Performance in Recreational Athletes With a History of Concussion.
CONTEXT Researchers have suggested that balance deficiencies may linger during functional activities after concussion recovery. OBJECTIVE To determine whether participants with a history ofExpand
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Can Functional Movement Assessment Predict Football Head Impact Biomechanics?
PurposeThe purposes of this study was to determine functional movement assessments’ ability to predict head impact biomechanics in college football players and to determine whether head impactExpand
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Concussion Mechanisms and Activities in Youth, High School, and College Football.
Our purpose was to determine concussion mechanism and activity differences among three cohorts of football players: youth, high school, and college. Participants in this prospective cohort study wereExpand
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