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The Development of the Theory of Electrolytic Dissociation
The theory of electrolytic dissociation proved to be one of the most controversial in the history of chemistry. This paper examines the evidence proffered by Arrhenius, van't Hoff, and Ostwald inExpand
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The Concepts of Heat and Temperature: The Problem of Determining the Content for the Construction of an Historical Case Study which is Sensitive to Nature of Science Issues and Teaching–Learning
Historical case studies of scientific concepts are a useful medium for showing how scientific ideas originate and how they change over time. They are thus a useful tool for conveying knowledge aboutExpand
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Tin oxide chemistry from Macquer (1758) to Mendeleeff (1891) as revealed in the textbooks and other literature of the era
Eight chemistry textbooks written from 1758 to 1891 have been analyzed for the way they present the chemistry of the oxides of tin. This analysis gives insight into the foundation of a number ofExpand
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The Development of the Concept of Work: A Case where History Can Inform Pedagogy
An historical analysis of the work concept with particular emphasis given to the contributions of John Smeaton and Daniel Bernouilli is provided with a view to enlightening or resolving currentExpand
Foundations of and challenges to electrolyte chemistry
Mathematics is so common-place in modern physics and chemistry that one may not realise how controversial its admittance was to these fields in the eightieth and ninetieth centuries respectively.Expand
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