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Acidic Deposition in the Northeastern United States: Sources and Inputs, Ecosystem Effects, and Management Strategies
A deposition is the transfer of strong acids and acid-forming substances from the atmosphere to the surface of the Earth. The composition of acidic deposition includes ions, gases, and particlesExpand
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Determination of Sulfate, Nitrate, and Chloride in Throughfall using Ion-Exchange Resins
Throughfall, the solution that falls from the forest canopy, is an important and commonly measured flux in forest ecosystem studies. Throughfall water and chemistry are highly variable spatially,Expand
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Cloudwater chemistry from ten sites in North America
Cloudwater and rainwater samples were collected at 2.5 m above ground during 2 years from 10 nonurban sites in North America. On the average, cloudwater collected from sites in the eastern UnitedExpand
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Cloud deposition to a spruce forest edge
Abstract Deposition from clouds to a spruce (Picea rubens Sarg.) forest edge on Hunter Mt. in the Catskill Mts of New York State was measured during 1987 and 1988 to determine whether the windwardExpand
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Comparisons of watershed sulfur budgets in southeast Canada and northeast US: new approaches and implications
Most of eastern North America receives elevated levels of atmospheric deposition of sulfur (S) that result from anthropogenic SO2 emissions from fossil fuel combustion. Atmospheric S deposition hasExpand
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Fundamentals of ecosystem science
Ecosystem science has developed into a major part of contemporary ecology, and it is now applied to diagnose and solve a wide range of important environmental problems. "Fundamentals of EcosystemExpand
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Clouds in Southern Chile: An Important Source of Nitrogen to Nitrogen-Limited Ecosystems?
Rainwater collected from remote, southern Chile is reported to be some of the most dilute in the world and is estimated to result in the deposition of ≤1 kg ha-1 yr-1 of nitrogen to ecosystems.Expand
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Interactions among patch area, forest structure and water fluxes in a fog-inundated forest ecosystem in semi-arid Chile
1. The area or size of an ecosystem affects the acquisition, storage and redistribution of energy and matter. Patch size reduction due to natural or anthropogenic habitat loss will not only modifyExpand
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Coupling of fog and marine microbial content in the near-shore coastal environment
Abstract. Microbes in the atmosphere (microbial aerosols) play an important role in climate and provide an ecological and biogeochemical connection between oceanic, atmospheric, and terrestrialExpand
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Chapter 8 Methods for Measuring Atmospheric Nitrogen Deposition Inputs in Arid and Montane Ecosystems of Western North America
Abstract Measuring atmospheric deposition in arid and snow-dominated regions presents unique challenges. Throughfall, the flux of nutrients transported in solution to the forest floor, is generallyExpand
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