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Thermal diffusivity and thermal conductivity of thoria–lanthana solid solutions up to 10 mol.% LaO1.5
Abstract A series of thorium oxide–lanthanum oxide solid solutions has been prepared by solid-state reaction. The phase behavior of thoria doped lanthanum oxide has been ascertained by X-rayExpand
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Polymers from renewable resources. IX. Interpenetrating polymer networks based on castor oil polyurethane poly(hydroxyethyl methacrylate) : Synthesis, chemical, thermal, and mechanical properties
A number of polyurethanes were synthesized by reacting castor oil with hexamethylene diisocyanate, varying the NCO/OH ratio. The polyurethanes were reacted with 2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate ( HEMA) toExpand
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Effect of thermal ageing on microstructure, tensile and impact properties of reduced activated ferritic-martensitic steel
Abstract Effects of thermal ageing on tensile and impact properties of India-specific Reduced Activated Ferritic-Martensitic (INRAFM) steel (9Cr-1.4W-0.06Ta-0.22V) have been studied by correlatingExpand
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Evaluation of effect of hydrogen on toughness of Zircaloy-2 by instrumented drop weight impact testing
Abstract Hydride-assisted degradation in fracture toughness of Zircaloy-2 was evaluated by carrying out instrumented drop-weight tests on curved Charpy specimens fabricated from virgin pressure tube.Expand
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Laser etching of Thoria pellets for microstructural investigations
Abstract Metallographic investigation of the microstructure of sintered Thoria pellets necessitates appropriate surface preparation of these pellets. Conventional etching methods involving eitherExpand
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Analysis of creep deformation and damage behaviour of 304HCu austenitic stainless steel
ABSTRACT Creep deformation, damage and rupture behaviour of 304HCu austenitic stainless steel have been studied at temperatures 923, 973 and 1023 K over the stress range 100–240 MPa. The materialExpand
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Detection of blister formation and evaluation of pressure tube! calandria tube contact location by ultrasonic velocity ratio measurement technique
Pre,ence of hydwgen in zit.caloy pce"uce tube alTec" the velocity of ulITawund pwpagation. Both longitudinal wave velocity (Vel and ,hear wave velocity (V,) ace alTeded depending on the concenITationExpand
Assessment of creep deformation and rupture behaviour of 304HCu austenitic stainless steel
Abstract Reduction in CO2 gas emission and decrease in fuel consumption can result in increase in efficiency of the thermal power plants. Increase in efficiency is directly linked to the steamExpand
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