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Between Religiosity and Spirituality: Christianity and the Reemergence of the Immanentist Spiritualities
The reemergence of immanentist spiritualities, from New Age spirituality to African traditional spiritualities, has been indicative of the twenty-first century. The influx of these spiritualities i...
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Is syncretism really harmful to Christianity
What culture or society is pure? Which religion has not been influenced by another or other religions? Yet, why is the fusion of some elements of one religion into other religions met with distrustExpand
The Necessities and Limitations of Inter-Religious Dialogue
Inter-religious dialogue has been conceived as an antidote to all the problems of religious tensions, attracting resources and expectations.1 However, it has come short of these expectations. InExpand
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Sieving out the Relevance of African Spiritualities in a Globalised Contemporary World
ABSTRACTThe re-emergence of African spiritualities is a part of the religious vs spirituality development debate that is ongoing and is sometimes more emphatic outside of the African continent. Afr...
Multiple Religious Belonging (MRB)
The question of religious pluralism has attracted many responses from the fields of interreligious dialogue and theology of religions. These responses, like inculturation, dialogue, and so on, haveExpand
The Re-emergence of African Spiritualities: Prospects and Challenges
Indigenous spiritualities among Africans, both in Africa and in the diaspora, are flourishing. In Lagos, Nigeria, for example, shrines compete with churches and mosques in adherents and positions.Expand
Contextualization as a Critical Transformative Agent in Christianity
There is an increasing acceptance that every theology is contextual. There is an equally commensurate rising concerns whether contextualization in theology is not undermining Christianity andExpand
Dialogues and Conflicts among Religious People
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The Renaissance of African Spiritualities vis-à-vis Christianity: Adopting the Model of Mutual Enrichment
Christianity has been dominant in many parts of Africa especially since its colonial contact. Recently, however, there is a surge of interest in reviving indigenous spiritualities among Africans,Expand