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Population dynamics of Eastern Rockhopper Penguins on Campbell Island in relation to sea surface temperature 1942–2012: current warming hiatus pauses a long-term decline
Major population changes of marine mega-fauna are ongoing as global warming, and other anthropogenic drivers affect prey availability. The historical stronghold of the Eastern Rockhopper PenguinExpand
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Wing Length and Mass at Fledging Predict Local Juvenile Survival and Age at First Return in Tufted Puffins
Abstract. In long-lived species, juvenile survival and the age at which individuals begin the process of recruitment have important consequences for individual fitness and population growth. WeExpand
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Higher trophic level prey does not represent a higher quality diet in a threatened seabird: implications for relating population dynamics to diet shifts inferred from stable isotopes
Abstract Diet quality is a key determinant of population dynamics. If a higher trophic level, more fish-based diet is of higher quality for marine predators, then individuals with a higher trophicExpand
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Nearest neighbours for avalanche forecasting in Scotland—development, verification and optimisation of a model
This paper describes a nearest neighbours model used operationally for avalanche forecasting in Scotland. Expand
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Goodpasture syndrome. Localization of the epitope for the autoantibodies to the carboxyl-terminal region of the alpha 3(IV) chain of basement membrane collagen.
The autoantibodies of patients with Goodpasture syndrome are primarily targeted to the noncollagenous (NC1) domain of the alpha 3(IV) chain of basement membrane collagen (Saus, J., Wieslander, J.,Expand
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Effects of Extreme Climate Events on Adult Survival of Three Pacific Auks
ABSTRACT. Climate change is predicted to increase the frequency and severity of extreme climate events, and it is important that we understand how this might affect natural systems. We examined theExpand
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Predation by New Zealand sea lions and Brown Skuas is causing the continued decline of an Eastern Rockhopper Penguin colony on Campbell Island
Identification of factors causing population declines is a critical prerequisite for conserving threatened species. The most likely cause of dramatic decreases in numbers of the ‘Vulnerable’ SouthernExpand
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Peregrine Falcons Enable Two Species of Colonial Seabirds to Breed Successfully by Excluding Other Aerial Predators
Abstract. The breeding success of Common Murres (Uria aalge) and Pelagic Cormorants (Phalocrocorax pelagicus) at Triangle Island, off British Columbia, Canada, was high from 2003 to 2006; four yearsExpand
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The canalized parental roles of a Eudyptes penguin constrain provisioning and growth of chicks during nutritional stress
Behavioral plasticity may allow organisms to respond adaptively to reduced food availability caused by climate change, facilitating population persistence. Conversely, inflexible parental roles mayExpand
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