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Martian topography from the Mariner 6 and 7 infrared spectra
Mars topography from Mariner 6 and 7 IR spectra, discussing geographical resolution, surface carbon dioxide pressure, depressions, ridges and valleys
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$^{1}$ Private communication from Dr. D. E. Milligan and Dr. M. E. Jacox, National Bureau of Standards.
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The composition of the Martian atmosphere: Minor constituents
Abstract The Mariner 6 and 7 infrared spectrometers provided data which, in principle, determine upper limits on the possible atmospheric abundance of every gaseous substance that was undetected butExpand
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Lompoc Valley Diffusion Experiment Data Report
Abstract : A data base representing the results of the Lompoc Valley diffusion experiment is described in detail, outlining formats and defining the contents of the data set. Preliminary analyses areExpand
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Carbon Vaporization/Condensation Effects
Abstract : The energy dissipating efficiency of carbon materials were studied. Equilibrium thermochemical properties and kinetic vaporization rate information have been obtained for temperaturesExpand
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Mars-Lab: First Remote Sensing Data of Mineralogy Exposed at Small Mars-Analog Craters, Nevada Test Site
ANALOG CRATERS, NEVADA TEST SITE. L. E. Kirkland, K. C. Herr, B. M. Allen, P. M. Adams; J. M. McAfee; E. R. Keim, Lunar and Planetary Institute, kirkland@lpi.usra.edu; The Aerospace Corporation,Expand
The Aerospace Long-Path Multiple Reflection Cell Facility.
Abstract : The Aerospace long-path infrared absorption cell is described. This facility is a multiple-pass modified White cell which can be operated at any temperature between 170 K and roomExpand