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Fluorescent indicators for intracellular pH.
Various Indicators for Near-Neutral pH Values and Design of pH-Sensitive Cyanine Dyes and Miscellaneous Small Molecule pHi Indicators are presented.
In vitro and in vivo photocytotoxicity of boron dipyrromethene derivatives for photodynamic therapy.
Studies of compound 5 on HSC-2 cells showed almost exclusive localization to mitochondria, induction of G(2)/M-phase cell cycle block, and onset of apoptosis, suggesting Iodinated BODIPY structures may have potential as new photodynamic therapy agents for cancer.
A designed peptidomimetic agonistic ligand of TrkA nerve growth factor receptors.
Results indicate that a small beta-turn peptidomimetic can activate a tyrosine kinase neurotrophin receptor that normally binds a relatively large protein ligand.
Syntheses of nucleoside triphosphates.
Kevin Burgess is a professor at Texas A&M University, where he has been since September 1992, and his research interest focuses on ways in which synthetic organic chemists can help to solve problems in medicinal chemistry and biotechnology.
Molecular basis of neurotrophin-receptor interactions.
Syntheses and properties of water-soluble Nile Red derivatives.
Three Nile Red derivatives that incorporate water-solubilizing groups will tend to fluoresce with good quantum yields in aqueous media, and in the more useful wavelength range around 640 nm, which might be useful in the development of fluorescent probes for biotechnology.
Selective small molecule peptidomimetic ligands of TrkC and TrkA receptors afford discrete or complete neurotrophic activities.
The high rate of hits identified suggests that focused minilibraries may be desirable for developing bioactive ligands of cell surface receptors, and small, selective, proteolytically stable ligands with defined biological activity may have therapeutic potential.