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Wage Differentials, Employer Size, and Unemployment
The unique equilibrium solution to a game in which a continuum of individual employers choose permanent wage offers and a continuum of workers search by sequentially sampling from the set of offersExpand
Pricing and Matching with Frictions
Suppose that n buyers each want one unit and m sellers each have one or more units of a good. Sellers post prices, and then buyers choose sellers. In symmetric equilibrium, similar sellers all postExpand
Marriage and Class
Here we consider a matching model where agents are heterogeneous and utilities nontransferable. We utilize this framework to study how equilibrium sorting takes place in marriage markets. We imposeExpand
Equilibrium Wage‐Tenure Contracts
In this study we consider a labor market matching model where firms post wage-tenure contracts and workers, both employed and unemployed, search for new job opportunities. Given workers are riskExpand
Long-Term Partnership Formation: Marriage and Employment
Of course, marriage and employment are different. Nevertheless, a worker looking for a job, a ®rm looking for worker, or a single person looking for a marriage partner face similar problems as allExpand
Crime, Inequality, and Unemployment
There has been much discussion of the relationships between crime, inequality and unemployment. We construct a model where all three are endogenous. Introducing crime into otherwise standard modelsExpand
Two-Sided Search with Nontransferable Utility☆☆☆
We analyze a two-sided search model in which we assume utility is not perfectly transferable. Except for this assumption the model is standard, yet it generates results that are quite different fromExpand