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Nature of superspace
It is demonstrated that the superspace of the supersymmetry theory can be identified in a natural manner with a family of concrete spinor structures over space–time.
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Hidden variables and 2-dimensional Hilbert space
On the basis of Gleason’s theorem it has been proved that a hidden-variables model of standard quantum mechanics is impossible except for the case of quantum systems describable in 2-dimensionalExpand
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Some properties of topological geons
We investigate the Finkelstein-Misner geons for a non-simply-connected space-time manifold (M, g0). We use relations between different Lorentzian structures unequivalent tog0 and topologicalExpand
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Strings and Teichmueller Space
The subject of string theory originates from the study of the strong interaction. It starts with Regge poles, duality and Veneziano formalizm. Several important issues in string theory can beExpand
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Some problems of spinor and algebraic spinor structures
A concrete realization of the Milnor–Lichnerowicz spinor bundle by algebraic spinors is considered in the case when the holonomy group of the Levi‐Civita connection is equal to the Crumeyrolle group.Expand
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Some Consequences of the Clifford Algebra Approach to Physics
We investigate the physical consequences of the realisation of the abstract Milnor-Lichnerowicz spinor bundle by a concrete, bundle of algebraic spinors.
Geometrical interpretation of spinors
Geometrical properties of elements of the unique representation of the Clifford algebra of quadratic form (+, −, −, −) are investigated. A connection between horospheres on the positive LobatschevskyExpand
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III. The only possible outcomes of measuring this observable are one of the states, |φn〉, in the orthonormal basis. I denote this outcome by “|ψ〉 ⇒ |φn〉”. IV. The probability, of observing a givenExpand
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Spinors and space‐times
Dirac spinors for vector space‐times Rs,t are considered as real spinors of appropriate extended vector spaces Rs’,t’. This extension is determined by the condition Rs’,t’≂RCs,t. The catalog ofExpand
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Internal structure of fermions
We investigate the equations Pψ=kψ+h with the range of ψ contained in an appropriate Clifford algebra. Next we define, on the bundle ΨM of the minimal left ideals of the Clifford algebra, the uniqueExpand
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