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Complexation of iron(III) by natural organic ligands in the Central North Pacific as determined by a new competitive ligand equilibration/adsorptive cathodic stripping voltammetric method
A highly sensitive voltammetric technique was developed to examine Fe speciation in seawater. The technique involves adding an Fe(III)-complexing ligand, salicylaldoxime, which competitivelyExpand
Oceanographic distributions of cadmium, zinc, nickel, and copper in the North Pacific
Abstract Vertical profiles of Cd, Zn, Ni, and Cu have been determined at three stations in the North Pacific and in the surface waters on a transect from Hawaii to Monterey, California. TheExpand
Reactive trace metals in the stratified central North Pacific
Abstract Vertical concentration profiles of the dissolved and suspended particulate phases were determined for a suite of reactive trace metals, Al, Fe, Mn, Zn, and Cd, during summertime at a stationExpand
Iron-limited diatom growth and Si:N uptake ratios in a coastal upwelling regime
There is compelling evidence that phytoplankton growth is limited by iron availability in the subarctic Pacific, and equatorial Pacific and Southern oceans. A lack of iron prevents the completeExpand
Trace elements in seawater.
Interactive influences of bioactive trace metals on biological production in oceanic waters
We present an overview of the oceanic chemistries of the bioactive trace metals, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, and Zn; we combine field data with results from laboratory phytoplankton culture-trace metalExpand
The role of organic complexation on ambient iron chemistry in the equatorial Pacific Ocean and the response of a mesoscale iron addition experiment
We participated on the Iron-Ex II study in the equatorial Pacific to investigate ambient iron chemistry and its response to a mesoscale iron addition experiment. As expected, dissolved iron values inExpand
Fluxes of particulate carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus in the upper water column of the northeast Pacific
Abstract Concentrations of carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus were determined in particles that passively sank into multi-replicate collectors set at 50, 250, and 700 m in coastal waters, and 75, 575,Expand
Sampling and analytical methods for the determination of copper, cadmium, zinc, and nickel at the nanogram per liter level in sea water
Abstract Sea-water samples collected by a variety of clean sampling techniques yielded consistent results for copper, cadmium, zinc, and nickel, which implies that representative, uncontaminatedExpand
Complexation of zinc by natural organic ligands in the central North Pacific
The complexation of Cd by natural organic ligands in the upper 600 m of the central North Pacific was determined with differential pulse anodic stripping voltametry at a thin mercury film, rotatingExpand