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Knowledge in Sustainable Rural Development: From Forms of Knowledge to Knowledge Processes
Lack of data or empirical information, insecurity about scientific knowledge, and disputes on how to manage knowledge emerge as central concerns when we study changes in rural development under theExpand
Interdisciplinary Conflict Analysis and Conflict Mitigation in Local Resource Management
Abstract Within the Swedish research program SUCOZOMA (Sustainable Coastal Zone Management) several conflict studies have been carried out. Whereas the detailed results of these studies are publishedExpand
Co-management in fisheries – Experiences and changing approaches in Europe
This article aims to identify conditions of success for European fisheries co-management and its integration in broader strategies for sustainable resource management. Co-management of fisheries,Expand
Swedish coastal fisheries--From conflict mitigation to participatory management
Several research projects have studied Swedish coastal fishery to investigate the conflict between seals and fishery. In recent years, a strategy of participation by means of co-management has beenExpand
Leader in Germany and the Discourse of Autonomous Regional Development
The LEADER programme (Liaisons Entre Actions de Developpement de l'Economie Rurale) in Germany has built on the ideas and approaches of independent rural initiatives that have crystallized in a ruralExpand
We discuss the epistemological aspects of social-ecological systems (SES) analysis, particularly in relation to coastal and marine research and the integrated coastal zone management (ICZM), but alsoExpand
The relevance of environmental conflict research for coastal management. A review of concepts, approaches and methods with a focus on Europe
Abstract Analysis and resolution of coastal resource use conflicts have largely been neglected in coastal research, environmental policies and resource management strategies such as IntegratedExpand
Swedish pig producers and their perspectives on animal welfare: a case study
Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to identify the views of Swedish pig producers concerning animal welfare, the schemes practised for animal welfare in Sweden, and the ramifications of animalExpand
Introduction — The Development of Social Ecology
Interdisciplinary social ecology investigates the human use of natural resources and the interaction between nature and society in theoretical terms of “societal relations to nature”, “societalExpand
The agri-environmental policy of the European Union : the implementation of the agri-environmental measures within the common agricultural policy in France, Germany, and Portugal
Integrating environmental aims n the agricultural policy of the European Union was a main aim of the 1992 CAP-Reform. This book presents a study of the socio-economic framing conditions as well asExpand