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Generation and Degeneration: Tropes of Reproduction in Literature and History from Antiquity through Early Modern Europe
This distinctive collection explores the construction of genealogies—in both the biological sense of procreation and the metaphorical sense of heritage and cultural patrimony. Focusing specificallyExpand
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The selected writings of Christine de Pizan : new translations, criticism
This Norton Critical Edition presents selections from eighteen of Christine's major works in fresh, contemporary translations. Each text is fully annotated and is accompanied by an introductionExpand
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Machaut's motet 15 and the Roman de la rose : the literary context of Amours qui a le pouoir/Faus Samblant m'a deceü/Vidi Dominum *
Guillaume de Machaut's motet no. 15 is structured, from a literary point of view, around an opposition fundamental to the late medieval courtly tradition: that between two key personificationExpand
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The image of history in Christine de Pizan's Livre de la Mutacion de Fortune
La description des murs peints dans le Chateau de Fortune combine et transforme des references a l'Eneide, au Roman de la Rose, au Lancelot en prose et a la Divine Comedie. L'A. examine le lien entreExpand
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The Poetic Œuvre of Guillaume de Machaut: The Identity of Discourse and the Discourse of Identity
o a considerable extent the modern notion of ”poet,” derives from T fourteenth-century developments, for it was during the fourteenth century that a new relationship between the individual whoExpand
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Vernacular literary consciousness c . 1100– c . 1500: French, German and English evidence
Whilst it is reasonably assumed that there extended from the Merovingian period a long tradition of oral poetry in France which embraced the lyric, hagiography, epic and drama, a tradition which drewExpand
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Romance : generic transformation from Chrétien de Troyes to Cervantes
If you get the printed book in on-line book store, you may also find the same problem. So, you must move store to store and search for the available there. But, it will not happen here. The book thatExpand
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The New medievalism
"This is a substantial and readable volume, and it is supplied with a rich array of documentation in the notes and bibliography. It deals with a question of critical importance for current researchExpand
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