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Institutional, cultural and transaction cost influences on entry mode choice and performance
In this study, we examine foreign market entry mode choice and firm performance for a sample of European Union firms. Examining both financial and non-financial performance measures, we attempt toExpand
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Boundaries of the Firm: Insights From International Entry Mode Research
Deciding on the boundaries of a firm as it expands abroad is a critical decision for managers. Despite the rapid growth in research addressing this issue, many questions remain unanswered. In thisExpand
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Acquisition or greenfield start-up? Institutional, cultural and transaction cost influences
In this paper, we develop and test a model of diversification mode choice (how firms decide between acquisitions and greenfield start-up ventures) which includes institutional, cultural, andExpand
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Why Service and Manufacturing Entry Mode Choices Differ: The Influence of Transaction Cost Factors, Risk and Trust
In this study, we suggest that disparities between service and manufacturing firms' international entry mode choices can be explained by differences in their reaction to transaction cost basedExpand
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SME Entry Mode Choice and Performance: A Transaction Cost Perspective
Although small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) account for a significant portion of international trade, little is know about how they make international entry mode decisions. Transaction costExpand
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Explaining the National Cultural Distance Paradox
Past studies of the relationship between national cultural distance and entry mode choice have produced conflicting results. Some scholars find cultural distance associated with choosing wholly ownedExpand
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A retrospective on: Institutional, cultural and transaction cost influences on entry mode choice and performance
For several decades researchers have focused on the entry mode decision because it is critically important for firms expanding abroad. Despite this attention we still lack clear tools to helpExpand
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The Influence of International Risk on Entry Mode Strategy in the Computer Software Industry
Introduction As the business world becomes more global and the level of international competition continues to increase, managers will find themselves facing increasingly complex strategic decisions.Expand
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Entry Mode Choice of SMEs in Central and Eastern Europe
Scholars (e.g., Burgel & Murray, 2000; Jones, 1999; Zacharakis, 1997) have suggested that small and medium–sized enterprise (SME) international entry mode selection is an important new research area.Expand
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Resource-Based Advantages in an International Context†
How universal are resource-based advantages? In this study, the authors suggest that differences in nations' institutional environments may influence the applicability of resource-based advantages;Expand
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