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Regular magnetic black holes and monopoles from nonlinear electrodynamics
It is shown that general relativity coupled to nonlinear electrodynamics (NED) with the Lagrangian $L(F)$, $F = F_mn F^mn$ having a correct weak field limit, leads to nontrivial static, spherically
Regular phantom black holes.
It looks possible that the Universe has originated in a phantom-dominated collapse in another universe, with KS expansion and isotropization after crossing the horizon, and possible generalizations include k-essence type scalar fields (with a potential) and scalar-tensor gravity.
Spherically symmetric false vacuum: No go theorems and global structure
We enumerate all possible types of spacetime causal structures that can appear in static, spherically symmetric configurations of a self-gravitating, real, nonlinear, minimally coupled scalar field
Possible wormholes in a brane world
The condition R=0, where R is the four-dimensional scalar curvature, is used for obtaining a large class (with an arbitrary function of r) of static, spherically symmetric Lorentzian wormhole
Spherically symmetric scalar vacuum: no-go theorems, black holes and solitons
We prove some theorems characterizing the global properties of static, spherically symmetric configurations of a self-gravitating real scalar field in general relativity (GR) in various dimensions,
Gravitating brane systems: Some general theorems
Multidimensional gravity interacting with intersecting electric and magnetic p-branes is considered for fields depending on a single variable. Some general features of the system behavior are
Black Holes, Cosmology and Extra Dimensions
Modern Views of Gravitation and Cosmology. A Brief Essay Fundamentals of General Relativity Spherically Symmetric Space-Times. Black Holes Black Holes Under More General Conditions Wormholes
Wormholes without exotic matter in Einstein–Cartan theory
We study the possible existence of static traversable wormholes without invoking exotic matter in the framework of the Einstein–Cartan theory. A family of exact static, spherically symmetric wormhole
Exact static, spherically symmetric solutions to the Einstein-Abelian gauge-dilaton equations, in $D$-dimensional gravity with a chain of $n$ Ricci-flat internal spaces are considered, with the gauge