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Customers' perspectives of involvement in new product development
  • K. Brockhoff
  • Business, Computer Science
  • Int. J. Technol. Manag.
  • 2003
The customers' perspective is taken and it is shown that the locus of initiative for product development involvement is of relevance for identifying different types of involvement, and the degree of involvement needs to be measured. Expand
R&D cooperation between firms—a perceived transaction cost perspective
Transaction cost is considered as an explanatory variable for the choice between markets and various organizational arrangements for performing some predefined tasks, such as engaging in private R&D.Expand
The Performance of Forecasting Groups in Computer Dialogue and Face-to-face Discussion
Advances in mathematical and statistical techniques, the availability of efficient computers as well as ideas and attempts to utilize certain organiza tional structures in the compilation ofExpand
A note on external social reporting by German companies: A survey of 1973 company reports
Abstract The paper provides an analysis of the state of social reporting by major German companies in 1973. After reviewing the pressures for social reporting and the variety of mechanisms whichExpand
Instruments for patent data analyses in business firms
The availability of patent data in data banks has largely increased the possibilities for patent analyses. In this paper we discuss overall measures of patent activity for individual firms. As theExpand
Competitor technology intelligence in German companies
Abstract Information about competitors can hold great promise for improving innovation management. In this paper technological information about competitors is set into a framework of informationExpand
Making Trade‐Offs in the New Product Development Process: A German/US Comparison
Using a conjoint analysis experiment, Ashok Gupta, Klaus Brockhoff and Ursula Weisenfeld present how R&D, marketing, and manufacturing managers in Germany make trade-offs among three criticalExpand
Technical and marketing aggressiveness and the effectiveness of research and development
It is argued that the degree of technical and marketing aggressiveness has an impact on the performance of a firm. The reasons for this are explored drawing upon a number of recent research studies.Expand
A procedure for new product positioning in an attribute space
Abstract Planning a preferred position of a new product in an attribute space may be considered as a mixed integer non-linear programming problem. A procedure to solve this problem is described whichExpand