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Understanding the costs of cancer care before and after diagnosis for the 21 most common cancers in Ontario: a population-based descriptive study.
Cancer-related cost estimates for the pre- and postdiagnosis phases are provided and insight into the economic burden incurred by the Ontario health care system is offered. Expand
Patient and Community Preferences for Outcomes in Prostate Cancer: Implications for Clinical Policy
Patients’ directly elicited utilities for their own health were higher than community-derived utilities obtained from HUI and QWB administration to the same patients, weakening the argument that prostate cancer screening and treatment should be limited because of severe and debilitative side effects. Expand
Cost-effectiveness of intensity-modulated radiotherapy in prostate cancer.
For radical radiation treatment of localised prostate cancer, IMRT seems to be cost-effective when compared with an equivalent dose of 3DCRT. Expand
Utility and health-related quality of life in prostate cancer patients 12 months after radical prostatectomy or radiation therapy
The results showed that RP was associated with significant urinary and sexual dysfunction; RT caused bowel problems, and utilities decreased significantly after both treatments. Expand
Healthcare costs associated with prostate cancer: estimates from a population‐based study
Study Type – Health Economic (multiway sensitivity analyses)’s level of evidence’2b; andLevel of Evidence 2b. Expand
Responsiveness of disease-specific and generic utility instruments in prostate cancer patients
Disease-specific utility instruments appeared to be more responsive than generic instruments, and use of generic instruments should be supplemented with a responsive disease-specific instrument, particularly for applications in early prostate cancer. Expand
A Canadian national survey of attitudes and knowledge regarding preventive vaccines
While Canadians hold generally positive attitudes about vaccines, support could be undermined by widely publicized adverse events and better public education is required to maintain support for future public health initiatives. Expand
Real world costs and cost-effectiveness of Rituximab for diffuse large B-cell lymphoma patients: a population-based analysis
The results showed that the addition of rituximab to standard CHOP chemotherapy was associated with improvement in survival but at a higher cost, and was potentially cost-effective by standard thresholds for patients <60 years old, suggesting that ritUXimab may be not as economically attractive in the very elderly on average. Expand
The ten-year rule revisited: accuracy of clinicians' estimates of life expectancy in patients with localized prostate cancer.
OBJECTIVES To determine the accuracy of clinicians' predictions of life expectancy in patients with localized prostate cancer, when provided with information about age and comorbidity, and toExpand
End-of-life care for lung cancer patients in the United States and Ontario.
Limited availability of hospice care in Ontario and differing attitudes between the United States and Ontario regarding end-of-life care may explain the differences in practice patterns. Expand