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Pharmacokinetics of aditoprim in dogs after intravenous and oral administration: a preliminary study
The pharmacokinetics of aditoprim (2,4-diam-ino-5-[4-[dimethylamino]-3,5-dimethoxybenzyl] pyrimidine), a dihydrofolate reductase inhibitor, were studied in three eight to 17-month-old beagle dogs.Expand
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Elimination of viruses and hypersensitivity to potato virus Y (PVYo) in an important sudanese potato stock (Zalinge)
Viruses that infect naturally an important Sudanese potato stock Zalinge were detected using enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, immunosorbent electron microscopy and sap-inoculation to test plants.Expand
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Process for the preparation of a substance of a specific organ, labeled with technetium-99 m.
The invention relates to a method for obtaining a substance organ-MARKED technetium-99 M IN WHICH reacting a ORGANOESPEFICA substance, pretreated or organ-SUBSTANCE ATTACHED TO A complexingExpand
Diagnostic aid for the scintigraphic visualization of malignant tumors comprising the substance obtained from enzymatic processing of murein using hen's eggwhite lysozyme
A diagnostic aid for the scintigraphic visualization of malignant tumors which contains a radionuclide which is bonded by means of a complex-forming agent to the substance obtained by the enzymaticExpand
A method for labeling substances with technetium or rhenium
PURPOSE: To form a complex of technetium or rhenium having high stability in a neutral pH range by using a specified large ring complexing agent. CONSTITUTION: The labeling substance (particularly,Expand