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"The way to break the taboo is to do the taboo thing" breastfeeding in public and citizen-activism in the UK.
  • K. Boyer
  • Geography, Medicine
  • Health & place
  • 1 March 2011
Like other forms of infant feeding, breastfeeding is a fundamental act of care. Yet despite being the recommended way of feeding babies, breastfeeding is not always easy to do. In addition to lack ofExpand
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Affect, corporeality and the limits of belonging: breastfeeding in public in the contemporary UK.
  • K. Boyer
  • Sociology, Medicine
  • Health & place
  • 1 May 2012
The UK has some of the lowest breastfeeding duration rates in the industrialised world. This paper considers women's experiences breastfeeding in public as a factor in breastfeeding duration.Expand
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Motherhood, mobility and materiality: Material entanglements, journey-making and the process of ‘becoming mother’
This paper is about the entanglements or mutually affecting engagements with the material world that occur in the course of trying to becoming mobile with a small baby. Drawing on a rigorousExpand
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The emotional resonances of breastfeeding in public: the role of strangers in breastfeeding practice
This papers considers some of the disparate emotional and affective resonances that breastfeeding can produce. Breastfeeding is the iconic symbol of succour and comfort-giving. It is associated withExpand
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Cultural activism and the politics of place-making
In this paper, we explore the relationship between creative practice, activism and urban place-making by considering the role they play in the construction of meaning in urban spaces. Through anExpand
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Regendering care in the aftermath of recession?
Against a backdrop of persistent gender inequalities around childcare, recent research suggests that some men – and especially fathers – are engaging to a greater extent in the everyday tasks ofExpand
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‘Neoliberal motherhood’: Workplace lactation and changing conceptions of working motherhood in the contemporary US
Through an analysis of policy texts, population statistics, and the popular press, this article advances knowledge about working motherhood in the contemporary US and proposes a refinement to howExpand
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Of care and commodities: breast milk and the new politics of mobile biosubstances
Advances in lactation technology in recent years have changed the ontological status of breast milk, giving it new-found mobility. This paper considers the contested meanings over breast milk’sExpand
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Expressing Anxiety? Breast pump usage in American wage workplaces
This article considers the potential and problems for women seeking to combine breastfeeding with wage labor outside the home through the use of breast pumps. After locating the breast pump withinExpand
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