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Role of Substrate Temperature on the Structural and Morphological Properties of ZnO Thin Films Deposited by Ultrasonic Spray Pyrolysis
Zinc oxide (ZnO) thin films have been prepared by ultrasonic Spray Pyrolysis (USP) technique using zinc acetate dihydrate dissolved in methanol, ethanol and deionized water. A thermodynamic analysisExpand
Extraction, Identification and Quantitative HPLC Analysis of Flavonoids From Fruit Extracts of Arbutus unedo L from Tiaret Area (Western Algeria)
The aim of the current study was to evaluate the total phenolic, flavonoid content and to investigate the antioxidant capacities of the fruit extracts of Arbutus unedo L. that grows in Tiaret areaExpand
Geoclimatic influences on the constituents and antioxidant activity of extracts from the fruit of Arbutus unedo L.
Among all extracts, ethyl acetate fraction from El Marsa area showed the highest antioxidant activity and the antioxidant activity was analyzed in vitro using the DPPH reagent. Expand
Bactericidal Effect of Aqueous Extracts of the Bark of the Pomegranate (Punica granatum L.) on Bacteria
This work has shown antibacterial activity against three bacteria may contribute to the fight against infectious diseases, and possibly offer the possibility of using pomegranate peel pharmaceutical and food industries. Expand
Contribution of ecological restoration in preservation of forests ecosystems in Algeria
Abstract Under the combined effect of anthropogenic pressures and climate change, forest ecosystems can no longer play their ecological and economic role if nothing is done to adapt them. The impactsExpand
First determination of polyphenol variation in Daphne gnidium L. leaves depending on altitude and slope at Tessala Mounts (North-West Algeria)
he present study concerns the study of correlation between the leaf phenolic concentration of Daphne gnidium L. and some ecological parameters, altitude and slope namely. The proportioning of totalExpand
Physico-chemical and biological characterization of the edaphic substrate of Arbutus unedo L. Case of the Tamalous forest (Skikda, Algeria)
Abstract The understanding of the ecological behavior of Arbutus unedo L. in the context of its valuation is the objective assigned to this work. Two different observation sites were selected inExpand