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Structural Equations with Latent Variables
The General Model, Part I: Latent Variable and Measurement Models Combined, and the Consequences of Measurement Error. Expand
A New Incremental Fit Index for General Structural Equation Models
Assessing overall model fit is an important problem in general structural equation models. One of the most widely used fit measures is Bentler and Bonett's (1980) normed index. This article has threeExpand
Testing Structural Equation Models
Introduction - Kenneth A Bollen and J Scott Long Multifaceted Conceptions of Fit in Structural Equation Models - J S Tanaka Monte Carlo Evaluations of Goodness-of-Fit Indices for Structural EquationExpand
Conventional wisdom on measurement: A structural equation perspective.
The applicability of 5 conventional guidelines for construct measurement is critically examined: (a) Construct indicators should be internally consistent for valid measures, (b) there are optimalExpand
Redefine statistical significance
The default P-value threshold for statistical significance is proposed to be changed from 0.05 to 0.005 for claims of new discoveries in order to reduce uncertainty in the number of discoveries. Expand
Latent curve models: A structural equation perspective
Preface. 1 Introduction. 1.1 Conceptualization and Analysis of Trajectories. 1.2 Three Initial Questions About Trajectories. 1.3 Brief History of Latent Curve Models. 1.4 Organization of theExpand
Bootstrapping Goodness-of-Fit Measures in Structural Equation Models
Assessing overall fit is a topic of keen interest to structural equation modelers, yet measuring goodness of fit has been hampered by several factors. First, the assumptions that underlie theExpand
Overall Fit in Covariance Structure Models: Two Types of Sample Size Effects
A controversial area in covariance structure models is the assessment of overall model fit. Researchers have expressed concern over the influence of sample size on measures of fit. Many contradictoryExpand